Improve conversion rate instantly

Convert Your Bouncing Visitors

...while they are still in your website!

1) Identify Low-Converting Segments

Use the built-in BI Engine and advanced Conversion Analytics to identify segments with low conversion rate

2) Target Segments In Real Time With a Custom Offer

Use campaigns to give customers the right offer at the right time


Boost Conversion Rate Immediately

How It Works


Identify Visitor Segment That Is Likely To Bounce Or Have Low Conversion Rate

Bouncing visitor by day of week

Target The Low-Converting Segment With A Custom Offer While They Are Still In Your Website

Targeted campaign shown to bouncing visitor

Plain-English Actionable Insights To Save You Time

Key Features

A complete solution for the marketer and business owner:
From Data >> To Insights >> To Actions


Actionable Insights

Our BI Engine analyzes all your web data on daily basis and provides you with plain-English Actionable Insights. The engine converts your data into information you can easily understand and use. Insights are focused on your website goals and visitors.


Goal Analysis

Get complete analysis of the goals you define when you want it. No need to go over endless graphs anymore, export data into excel and looking for that useful piece of information hiding in mountains of useless data and vanity metrics.


Campaigns Management & Tracking

Build and launch a campaign within minutes without any coding. Use any of our pre-defined templates as the basis for the campaign popup or provide your own designed campaign. Set the rules that will trigger the campaign and that's it. Interaction with a campaign is tracked automatically so you see how it impacts your business.


Website Dashboard

All the main metrics of your website concentrated in one simple to understand dashboard. Showing you the top contributors by dimension. I.e. top referrers, top pages, top keywords etc. Showing you the change from last week. If you have only 2 minutes to catch up on your website, this is the place you will want to go to.


Manual Data Segmentation

Segment all the data manually and get conversion rate of any sub-segment. For example you can easily see the conversion rate of your goals by search engines, by day-of-week, by entry-time, by search keywords, by custom properties you added using the JavaScript API, etc.



Define a specific mouse click as an action or goal. The click Wizard allows you to track when users click on any element in your website, without any coding. When the wizard is activated it opens over your website and lets you select with the mouse, which element you want to track. It's that simple.


Smart Filter™

Used for when you manually analyze the data. Use our Smart Filter™ to hide from the graph all the data points that are insignificant, leaving you with only relevant sub-segments. Cleaning the noise so it is easier for you to understand the graphs.


JavaScript API

Using the simple JavaScript API you will be able to add actions and properties of your users into our data warehouse. This will allow us to look for insights also regarding your custom data. Custom data can be anything relevant to your business: payments, social network data, data from your CRM, and anything you find relevant.

Get leads in several possible ways:

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To your email

To your web-server

How To Get Better Conversion?

Three steps to start converting lost customers

From Data >> To Insights >> To Actions

How To Identify Low-Converting Visitor Segments?

Use the built-in conversion analytics tools and BI engine to find low-converting segments.
Using Conversion Analytics: Select the goal and dimension (day-of-week, time-of-day, referrer, country, visit duration, number of previous visits, pages visited, etc.) and instantly get conversion rate for each segment in that dimension.
Using The BI Engine: You just define the goals and the BI engine does the rest. The engine analyzes all the goals vs. all possible dimensions and segments and looks for meaningful segments for you to target with a campaign.

Convert Abandoning Visitors Into Customers

90%-98% of your website visitors do not convert

Using Zoom Analytics you will improve conversion of the visitors that already come to your website

We track the users and their behavior and based on rules you define, we show specific visitor segments a custom offer. This allows you to re-target your visitors while they are still in the website. Using tailored campaigns you will target specific segments with a specific offer that best matches them. A few examples of what you could offer: a discount coupon, subscribe to news-letter, fill a 'contact us' form, suggest they visit another page in the website.
No coding is needed.

Real-Time Inbound Campaigns

To Improve Conversion


Trusted By Large And Small Companies

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“Using Zoom Analytics' BI engine and real-time targeting tools we were able to improve conversion rate by 23%.”
Charles Wainer, CNGas Group
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“Zoom Analytics custom action tracking and analytics helped us reduce form abandonment rate by 50%.”
Julien Weil, cré
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“Zoom Analytics insights are really great - we get plain English insights right in our inbox.”
Chen Fishbein, Codename One

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoom Analytics not only collects your data, like Google Analytics does, but also analyzes it automatically using proprietary BI engine and provides you plain-English actionable insights. You can create a real-time campaign to target a specific segment of your visitors based on the automatic insights or based on your own knowledge.

Zoom Analytics can be set up in a couple of minutes, and can start capturing visitor data immediately.

A campaign is a way for you to target visitors of specific segment at a specific time with a specific offer. It allows you to show an offer to your visitors while they are still in your website, under rules you define. No coding is needed in order to launch a campaign.

The event limit is calculated daily. If you get to the limit in a certain day, events will not be collected until the next day (UTC time).

Rules include most of the user's properties such as country, language, entry-time, visit duration, number of previous visits, day-of-week, pages visited, pages not visited, goals reached, and many others. You can also decide to target users based on engagement (or lack of) with your website. Many other rules exist. No need to guess the right rules - they can be based on Insights you get.

The JavaScript library you add to your web pages sends the data to our servers. Then our BI engine processes all the data and provides you plain-English actionable insights. If you publish a campaign then the visitors' sessions are monitored in real-time to see if the campaign rules are met. If so then the campaign is triggered.

Insights provide meaningful information about your website goals and visitors. They are plain-English sentences accompanied by easy-to-understand graphs.
Our BI engine searches for statistical connections between your goals (e.g. signup, share etc.) and users’ behaviour and persona.

No. Zoom Analytics JavaScript library is loaded asynchronously and does not affect the page load time.

Web Analytics + BI Engine + Inbound Campaigns =

Complete Solution

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