ClickWizard was developed by Zoom Analytics to give non-developers a tool to define specific user mouse-clicks as actions.

What can be done using the ClickWizard?

Using ClickWizard non-developers can attach an action to a user click. The ClickWizard can be launched during the setup process or later from the Account page. The action can be defined as goal or non-goal. In addition, under the 'advanced' section you can tag the action from a list of possible tags. List of tags is available here.
The ClickWizard can also be used to define a specific page as a goal. There is no need to define a page as an action since all pages are considered actions automatically.

How does the ClickWizard work?

You initiate a ClickWizard session from within Zoom Analytics' Account page (when you are logged in). The dashboard opens a new window with your website and the ClickWizard is launched automatically. After ClickWizard starts you can browse freely on your website. To get to a page that is available only to registered users make sure you are signed in before activating the wizard; . The Wizard is opened automatically when page is loaded. You can add an action using the Wizard popup. You will be asked to click on the element you wish to attach an action to. When clicking on the element the ClickWizard will identify the element in the DOM. ClickWizard identifies the element being clicked by either its id (HTML attribute) or by its DOM path to the closest parent with ID. ClickWizard uses jQuery selectors to identify the element. If the page structure changes and the element doesn't have an ID then the path to the element might change. We recommend that the element or its parent have an ID. If page structure changes and action does not have an ID you might need to re-define the action using ClickWizard. If you name the new action same as the old one there will be continuity in the data collection and both old and new element will be treated as the same element.
click wizard
NOTE: ClickWizard code is loaded and activated only when your website is opened by you from Zoom Analytics settings page.