Insights are produced by Zoom Analytics engine daily. The engine looks for hidden connections between your website goals and users' actions and properties. Goals and actions can be defined using the JavaScript API. Some properties are collected automatically (GEO-location, referral, time of day and many others). Your custom properties can be set using the JavaScript API. If you add custom properties the Insight Engine will look for insights regarding them as well. If, for example, you have an e-commerce site you might find that there is a connection between the amount spent and number of previous visits.

How are insights improved?

Every insight can be rated by 1-5 stars (1 - useless, 2 - not informative, 3 - informative, 4 - interesting, 5 - very Interesting). You can discard an insight or bookmark it. All these actions help the Insight Engine know what is interesting in general and what is most interesting for you specifically. The learning is done for the community of customers and per customer. As you see, your ratings helps you, but you also benefit from the rating of other customers.

Sample insights

All insights are accompanied by graphs to show from where the insight was derived.
Only few visitors were referred by `example.com` but they had high conversion rate.
0.4% of all visitors (68 visitors) were referred by example.com; as much as 14.1% of them have visited goal page `signup complete`.

Visitors whose average previous purchase is in the range 30$-40$ are more likely to achieve goal 'Buy'.
15% of visitors (135 visitors) whose previous purchase is in the range 30$-40$ achieved the goal 'Buy'.

Visitors who visit the page 'About/' are less likely to achieve goal 'Subscription - Pro plan'.

Visitors who entered the website between '08:00-08:59' (visitor local time) are more likely to achieve goal 'Share'.
17.4% of those visitors (781 visitors) achieve goal 'Share'.

Visitors who see more than 8 pages during one session are less likely to achieve goal 'Buy'.

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