Zoom Analytics is a Web Analytics that allows you explore the connections between users’ behavior during their visit to website and the characteristics of the user. Zoom Analytics is designed to uncover hidden connections using a statistical algorithm engine. These connections are 'Insights' to your business. The engine looks for user interactions (actions) and user properties (persona) that affects your goals.

The Code Snippet

The code snippet is a small piece of JavaScript code that needs to be added to every page you want tracked.
Place this code at the beginning of the body section (after the opening <body> tag).

<script type="text/javascript">
   var _zaVer=4,_zaq=_zaq||[];
   (function() {
      var w=window,d=document;w.__za_api=function(a){_zaq.push(a);if(typeof __ZA!='undefined'&&typeof __ZA.sendActions!='undefined')__ZA.sendActions(a);}
      var e=d.createElement('script');e.type='text/javascript';e.async=true;e.src="[YOUR CUSTOM URL COMES HERE]"+encodeURIComponent(w.location.href);
      var ssc=d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];ssc.parentNode.insertBefore(e,ssc);
You need to replace [YOUR CUSTOM URL COMES HERE] with your actual custom URL (don't worry - you will get a customized code during our simple 2-step setup process). After you complete setup your code snippet will always be available in the Settings page
Note that adding this code will not affect your website load time, as it is loaded asynchronously.

Adding Actions/Properties

Note: API requires version 4 of the widget. You can get the latest version from the Settings page. New customers get automatically the latest version available.
If your code snippet includes _zaVer=4 then you have the latest version.

To add a goal named 'Signup' (when user completes signup):
__za_api({type: 'add_action', action_name: 'Signup', is_goal: 1});
Detailed API

To add an action named 'Button clicked':
__za_api({type: 'add_action', action_name: 'Button clicked'});
Detailed API

To count number of articles a user reads during a session:
__za_api({type: 'count_action', action_name: 'Read article'});
Detailed API

To add a property named 'Registered user' when user logs-in, or 'Visitor' when not:
__za_api({type: 'add_property', list_name: 'User type', property_name: 'Registered user'});
__za_api({type: 'add_property', list_name: 'User type', property_name: 'Visitor'});
Detailed API

Frequently Asked Questions

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